Kids Craft

A collection of craft ideas, so easy, you can see what to do just by looking at the pictures!

Welcome to the todokids kids craft page. If you are looking for indoor activities, rainy day activities, baby craft, toddler craft, pre-school craft or just quiet kids activities, you have come to the right spot! Help us continue to grow our collection by sending your instructions and pictures to todokids. 'todo Parents' love sharing ideas with each other so join our family and we'd love to feature you and your kids on our page.

The todokids Craft Page has been compiled from a variety of websites, blogs, magazines and input from other 'todo Parents' including our very own 'todo Mum' and Founder of todokids, Jodi McAlary. Mother of triplets, Jodi has found plenty of easy, low-mess and fun ideas for days at home with the kids.

Best efforts have been made to credit all ideas and materials to the original source.

Bee Blaster

Requirements: 2 paper cups, balloon, scissors, small wooden peg, paint or pens to decorate

Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet

Requirements: paper cups, straw, glue, streamers, string.

Make a Glitter Globe!

Requirements: jar, glitter, glycerol, water, ornaments/pictures of your choice.

Ball Run

Requirements: A great attitude! You certainly can't be precious about your walls for this one! You will need: small balls such as marbles, tubes (toilet paper, foil, wrapping paper), train track pieces, masking tape, funnels, boxes, containers, a bell (if you like to end with a bang!).

Tugging Box

Requirements: Cardboard box, various lengths of ribbon, strips of felt and/or pipe cleaners, sticky tape, pencil, paint (optional).

Create your own colourful garden!

Requirements: paper cups, paint, paintbrush, jiffy soil pellets, lemon balm seeds.

Make Your Own Beach Souvenirs

Requirements: Shells you have collected at the beach, wire, a little drill.

Ring Toss

Requirments: Paper plates, cardboard tube, sticky tape, scissors, paint, paint brushes.

Paper Mache Bowls

Requirements: flour, water, salt, a bowl to use as a “form”, plastic wrap & tape, newspaper cut into strips, paint brush, acrylic craft paint, craft varnish.

Compass Painting

Requirements: water colour paint, paper, paint brush, compass, masking tape.


Requirements: smooth rocks, crayons (paper removed), oven, work board.

Egg Decorating

Requirments: Hard boiled eggs, food for dye, plants with fine leaves, stockings, bowls, vinegar and TIME!

Home Made Paint

Requirements: 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water and food colouring.

Mix to your preferred consistency and colour choice!

'3D' Hands

Requirements: Pens/textas, pencil, paper, a hand!