Become a todo Provider

Welcome to the fast growing group of activity providers catering to kids that are working cooperatively to create a central hub to access your target market.

This is a simple concept. We cater to Mums, Dads, Carers and Kids - todo Users - who are looking for something to do. They could be at home, on holidays or visiting family or friends in a new area.

Becoming a todo Provider is easy - fill out your profile page that covers things like contact information, how to find you, cost/fees, opening times, add some pictures and you are good to go!

Simple. Informative. Concise. Factual. Efficient.

How Much?

Your options are listed below. We recommend giving us a call or having our info pack sent out to you. Or, maybe start with a free listing and upgrade later...

  1. Free Single Site ‘todo Provider’ = $0
  2. Free Multi Site ‘todo Provider’ = $0
  3. Full access Single Site ‘todo Provider’ = $104/year
  4. Full access Multi Site ‘todo Provider’ = $208/year
  5. Full access Single Site Community Provider = $0. Apply here.
  6. Full access Multi Site Community Provider = $0. Apply here.


If you would like more information on our performance and features, please click here so we can send you our 'todo Providers' Information Pack.

Step One: Get a user name and password.

If you hold you activities in one location, you will be a 'Single Site todo Provider'. If you operate from various locations you will be a 'Multi Site todo Provider' (this membership gives you an unlimited number of locations in NSW/ACT to promote your activities).

Step Two: Enter the relevant information about your business.

You are done!