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The todokids journey really started in 2008 when todokids founder Jodi McAlary was given the surprise news that she could not have children due to a rare medical condition affecting less than 1% of the population. Coming out of the blue at a time when starting a family was not on the agenda – Jodi and her husband (co-founder, Andrew) were told “it would be a miracle if they conceived”. So began the path of exploring the avenues of donor eggs and IVF treatment.

Six weeks later, a fortnight before they were due for their initial IVF consultation, Jodi and Andrew discovered they were pregnant but early tests revealed there was no heartbeat. A further 2 weeks on, an ultrasound revealed not one healthy heat beat, but three!  Jodi and Andrew were now expecting naturally conceived identical triplet girls.

Reaching thirty four week’s gestation, the triplets were born happy and healthy, and after a four week stint at Royal North Shore Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the (instant) family were on their way home. Two weeks after leaving hospital the family moved from Sydney to Port Macquarie on the NSW mid north coast.

When the routine of one hour breaks between finishing and starting each feed cycle concluded, the family was finally able to get out of the house for long enough to do “something”. Only problem was – they didn’t know what was available to do in their new community. Realistically, this is a similar situation for many parents - triplets or not.

Jodi developed an idea to build a community page for Port Macquarie Mums on what was available to do in their community. A little market research amongst activity providers as well as families across NSW and ACT revealed a real need for a vehicle that suited the needs of businesses wanting to reach parents and parents wanting information. And so todokids was born.

A pre-baby career in Systems Management made Jodi the natural designer of a logical and user friendly system for both the businesses utilising todokids and the parents searching for things to do. The unique design and features of todokids are in safe hands and protected by a Patent Pending.

In 2014 todokids was acquired by Andrew McLaren. He is committed to families and businesses providing them services, just the way Jodi was. He is totally thrilled to take ownership of todokids and grow it in to the Australia-wide service it was always intended to be.

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