About Us


About todokids...

todokids allows parents and carers to find activities and services for their kids, both at home and on holidays. We even have a great web app/mobile version with interactive maps for when you are in a new town.

Users are also able to subscribe to a weekly email that collates the fantastic activities, classes and events happening in their specific community and we customise it to the age of their children!


There is no longer a need to research a multitude of different websites for hours on end.

The concept was designed by a mother of three year old triplets who was desperately frustrated with the hit and miss searches parents endure when looking for something new for the kids. What started out as a community service for parents in her home town of Port Macquarie has developed in to a sophisticated and powerful website. The aim for the todokids founder, Jodi McAlary, and new owner, Andrew McLaren, is that todokids will become the only website needed in Australia to look for children's activities and things 'todo'.


The best bits of todokids...

1. Our Advanced Search. Our system is so clever that you can specify the age of your child, where you live (or willing to travel to) within a 2km radius, your budget and extra criteria such as indoor activities, lessons, sports, holiday programs, special needs and even school excursion suggestions!

2. The weekly todokids Diary. We have a Patent Pending on this; no one else can give you what you need like todokids. We collate activities in any given community, tailor it to the age of your child and put it in order for the week so you always know what is on for the kids in your town. The diary can also be accessed via our homepage - you don't need to subscribe. Very handy, indeed!


Easy for todo Users. Easy for todo Providers.

The todokids web site solves the problems of frustrated parents everywhere and allows businesses to communicate to this audience in a way that is effective and simple.

There is a great story behind the birth of todokids. If you are interested, click here.